Top 5 Things You Must Do In South America

The wanderers of nature get a tough time on deciding on places to choose when their traveling bone tickles. The options are many but the best amongst them ought to be decided by keeping in mind the desires of the traveler. The adrenal junkies choose places which calms their nerves by raising them. If you have any qualms regarding the places to visit in South America then we are here to help you.

Hiking in El Chalten

When the sky is clear, El Chalten looks so ravishing that the surroundings seem almost surreal. It is settled in the heart of a valley of the Patagonian area of Argentina. It is the entryway to the snow-gaped Fitz Roy and Cerro Torres Mountain. There are many hiking paths throughout the Los Glaciers, which is a National Park. It is toured from the city and continued towards Laguna de Los Tres. It is almost a seven-hour trip which covers 25 kilometers. This track is conquered with extravagant views. This is because it is near the Laguna Capri. One can also notice that the Fitz Roy Mountain pops out behind the trees.

Atacama desert

The beauty of Chile’s Atacama Desert is breathtaking when it comes to beauty. There are several high-altitude geysers and dreadful volcanoes that rule the Andes. This landscape carries some outer world feelings to explore throughout the whole of it. There are a plenty of things to accomplish in this area. It offers hiking, sand boarding, and horse riding. In the gooey part, there is Laguna Chaxa, where one can take a dip to experience the serenity of underwater frothiness. The pleasure is worth taking the risk.

Home of narrow alleys- La Paz

Whoever takes a walk through the narrow alleys in the Witches Market must not possess a grumbling mood. It showcases dried frogs, a non-identified mixture of potion, medicinal plants which are sold out by the neighboring witch doctors. Also, there is desiccated llama fetus that is seen to be conceitedly put on view. These are believed to convey good luck for new houses if they are buried beneath the foundation of the house. It is done as a submission to the Mother Earth, Pachamama. For souvenir lovers, there are getaways through customs.


For the party-all-night creatures, there are plenty of options to choose from the beachside night-clubs in Mancora alongside north-eastern Peru. They play loud music all night in mammoth sized speakers that leave people in a grooving mood, however down they might be. There are a handful of yoga classes for the fitness freaks too


The vibrantly tinted houses, fully staffed bars, and the soothingly silent coffee houses set the right mood for the people of western cultures. There are cowboys seen all over with their horses that meander all over the streets. The three-hour long hike, to the humming-bird sanctuary, does not feel dull because of the astounding views.

Travelling through the scenic valleys of South America will obviously make the trip a memorable one for the hikers. Not only for its natural ambiance, but also for its desperate attractiveness that Mother Nature has to offer to its child. A trip to this place should always be cherished for.

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