Travel China: Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in China

For creating lovely memories of a blissful wedding and beginning your newly married life, there is no better way to celebrate than planning for a vacation trip to enjoy the overall festivity. Choosing the right destination will bring the best of both worlds for planning both your wedding and honeymoon. A location worth considering for the occasion is China, a country where the vast landscape comes with endless historic sites which create the perfect top destinations for wedding in China, honeymoon included! For creating long lasting lifetime memories together, you can consider 5 of China’s best romantic destination where you can enjoy your honeymoon.

Fabulous Honey Getaway of Yangshuo

When it comes to managing your budget for a fabulous wedding and honeymoon, you can visit Yangshou when you travel China, a fantastic honeymoon getaway which is a small county surrounded by the beautiful Li River, hills and caves that forms magnificent natural panorama. You can take your significant other on the rive cruise at Li River that is the most attractive tourist choice. Reflecting China’s glorious past, this place has other destinations such as the Silver Cave, Reed Flute Cave, Moon Hill, Ancient Banyan Tree, and the karst topography where you can enjoy a blend of natural sightseeing.

The Magical Sights of Wuzhen Water Town

Another spellbound destination when you travel China with scenic beauty is Wuzhen, which is an ancient canal town with historic heritage of more than 6000 years in the northern part of Zhejiang Province and southern part of the Yangtze River. It’s within Handzhous, Suzhou, and Shanghai and is divided into the East and West Village. The elegance of the city’s restored canals and architecture will make your honeymoon memories worthwhile! The East Village has undeniably some of the best themed museums, wine brewery, wood carving and architectural sites where you can catch the first glimpse of sunrise together. The larger West Village has the MuXin Museum, restaurants, temples, canal waterways, old bridges, and performance centers makes it worth visiting!

Take a Spellbound Tour at the ancient Lijiang

To make a fresh start of your new beginning, you can select the favorite honeymoon destination of Lijiang when you travel China, which is popular for its matriarchal society and architectural beauty. You can see the Tibetan, Han, and Bai architecture creating a magical sight to see. Walk hand in hand with your significant other in the Mt. Elephant and Mt. Golden Row in the north and the Mt. Lion in the west, and enjoy the best green tea with the brewing water melted from the snow of Yulong Mountain at the local teahouse.

A tour around the ancient town could be memorable sitting by the Lugu Lake and enjoying the breeze and visiting the small souvenir shops for shopping.

Asia’s very own Las Vegas, the fantastic Macau

To celebrate the special moments with luxury and sophistication, Macau would be the best attractions for couples looking forward to magnificent honeymoon accommodation when they travel China. The place is like Asia’s very own city of Las Vegas containing everything you would want to see! The fantastic Macau Tower and the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf are the top attractions with their breathtaking views, ferry cruise, stunning casinos, gourmet dining, and shopping malls making it an idyllic destination for couples’ getaway.

Magnificent destinations of the Fenghuang Old Town

To make an investment in the memories of your life when you travel China, you can visit the Fenghuang Town which is located in the west of Hunan province surrounded by the peaceful Tui River. It has distinct four seasons that makes couples’ favorite with the other biggest attractions such as the Southern Great Wall, the Qiliang Cave, the East Gate of Fenghuang and, the Residence of Mr. Shen Cong-wen making them worth for candid shots.

For the once-in-a-lifetime trip, booking the hotel packages, perks and amenities in advance, you can rejuvenate in the leisure atmosphere and explore the fabulous honeymoon holiday as you travel China in a journey of togetherness.

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