Bull fighting is not only an extreme sport but many Spanish residents refer this game as an extreme sport which is deeply rooted in their tradition and has attracted many tourists around the globe to watch this kind of a breath taking experience. This practice generally involves professional toreros who execute various artistic moves which can be interpreted and developed according to the bull fighter’s style. Bull fighting takes place in an extended vast arena specifically made for bull fighting and includes dirt covered flour surrounded by thousands of excited fans watching their hearts out. However, bull fighting has experienced a lot of setbacks from animal activists in the country but has not stopped thousands of travelers from flocking to watch one of the most respected and oldest sports in the region. Additionally due to the frequent cancellation of bull fights it is very important to confirm the actual dates in advance to avoid disappointments. Here are some of the places that will grace your moments during your visit to this Asian country.

The City of Madrid

Being very popular as the city of football treasury housing world class football clubs, the city of Madrid also enjoys being of the holders of greatest bull fights in the region making it the real place to be in Spain. It mainly hosts its events in May, and known for its popular San Isidro festival which involves two weeks of daily bull fights at the Las Ventas bullring. The bull fighting in this place begins in late March and ends in late October after which no other events can be held. Early tickets can be booked through Ticket stores and it includes a panoramic bus tour of Madrid.

The City of Ronda

It is not a popular city in the country but due to its prominence in holding great bull fights it has drawn the attention of thousands of tourists around the globe. Found in Malaga this region boosts of endless pasture lands serving as a backdrop for the different stages of breeding and selection of fighting bulls. It is the place where bullfighting began and this makes the events to be handled in very high regard. The Corridas Goyecas, which takes place in September, is one of Ronda’s most celebrated events.

The City of Malaga

This is the home of all traditional fights where traditional rules and art of bull fighting are followed. This makes Malaga different from other bullfighting destinations. The bull ring at Malaga is at Plaza la Malagueta near the Castillo de Gilbralfaro and the major event of Feria de Agosto sees bullfights on an almost daily basis.

The City of Seville

Bullfighting is not a new vocabulary especially when it comes to this great city of Spain. It attracts the best matadors across the country and it has the oldest built bullring in Spain whose bullfighting is done on foot rather than horseback bullfighting. Major visits occur between April and September where breath taking experiences are always guaranteed and make your visit worthwhile.

A visit to Spain would not be more interesting when you miss out this interesting bullfighting joints which will provide exciting pleasure and provides the surest way to spend your vacation in a cool and adventurous environment. That’s not all, here is a look on the best marine parks!

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