Greece is a country greatly endowed with magnificent ancient features that have drawn thousands of tourists in their hordes every year making tourism industry as the greatest in the region. It is not only the home of ancient Greek civilization but also boosts of hosting different Roman, Byzantine and medieval sites which offer dazzling features from great castles to ancient temples. The strongly built structures which expose the ancient architecture are some of the sites that will welcome you in this land of history. Travelers are always left in a dilemma on which best places to visit, but unlike in other historical places, the pleasure is always the same in each of Greece historical sites. However, when talking of historical sites in this amazing wonderland, here are some of the places that should never miss out in your must see sites;

Acropolis, Athens

A visit to Athens is never complete without visiting this temple which has caught the site of many travelers worldwide and it is among the most famous Greece tourist attractions with great history. On top of the Acropolis is the Parthenon temple which was built in 440BC replacing the temple that was destroyed by the Persians and since then it has served as a temple, church, mosque and a church. In this temple you can also find a detailed representation of human anatomy on the sculptures laid there. Acropolis also houses the Old Temple of Athena and the famous Erecheion.

Acropolis in Athens Greece


A visit to this amazing place is compared to spending some days in another world since the pleasure acquired is unexplainable. It includes a collection of 6 monasteries magically placed on top of strong rock pillars where one can find access to the monasteries through large ladders. It is the place where rock pillars shoot up into the sky from the otherwise flat landscape and frequently nuns come to worship. Only architecture can complement the land scapes. Meteora can be visited in the early summer, spring or even late summer as temperatures drop.

City of Delphi

This is one of the most common sites whose history is of great measure. It is where the Temple of Apollo in Delphi was constructed and its ruins will remain as former places where pilgrims once worshipped in. being a very important city, Delphi was built on a hill giving spectators a view of the entire sanctuary and the spectacular landscape below. It was only capable to contain nearly 5000 people but stands out to be the most admired treasuries in Greece.


It is a place which has stand out to gain popularity around the globe due to the famous Olympic Games as it is the birthplace of the popular competition. The archeological sites here carry great Greek history like Mt Kronia which is the most sacred spot in all of Olympia. It is an important World Heritage archeological site and of great meaning to the sportsmen. The Olympics are an important part of the world history, and visiting this site will allow you to see and learn how it all began.

It is said that visiting the Greece historical sites is the right way to learn how things exist presently. It is surely a place not to miss out when mentioning historical marvelous sites. Here is how you can make a journey by ship more enjoyable.

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