6 Great Activities on your Holiday to Israel

Israel is indeed a beautiful country in the Asian continent, an ideal holiday destination, and has a lot to offer to visitors. It has many gorgeous sites and breathtaking activities to carry out such as floating in the Dead Sea, touring the old city of Jerusalem, haggling in the Carmel market of Tel Aviv, hike in the Galilee Mountains, dive in the Eilat Red Sea, enjoy the sunset at Tel Aviv beach and many other fun filled activities. It also has many other tourist attractions such as great sandy beaches, amazing historic sites and interesting museums which makes it a unique and interesting holiday destination. In addition it has friendly people, amazing hotels and restaurants which offer delicious food and drinks. The hotels also offer great and affordable accommodation therefore making you enjoy your holiday vacation comfortably. As for booking Tel Aviv flights, the country also has the most secure airline in the whole world (ElAl) which makes it more exciting to visit and easier to travel to. Although there are many amazing activities to do, here are six great activities to carry out:

1. Hike in the Galilee Mountains

The Galilee Mountains is the best area to hike in Israel which has amazing natural beauty. It has two great trails; the recently created Jesus Trail which is approximately 40 miles long and mainly draws Christians and the Israel National Trail which is approximately 620 miles long and is appealing to veteran hikers in search of a rich cultural experience and a diversified challenge.

2. Float in the Dead Sea

The Lowest Point on Earth, the Dead Sea, is one unique place you should visit to get an awesome experience. If you are feeling tired and you need to relax, the Dead Sea is the perfect place in Israel to visit. You can take your newspaper along with you for that picture opportunity, float on your back in the salty, warm sea and smother some of the mineral rich mud which will make you very relaxed. Make sure you avoid diving in!

3. Dive in Eilat Red Sea

Eilat is the place to visit if you would like to see beautiful fish, crystal-clear water and amazing coral reef. It has great weather nearly all year round and is the ideal place to dive in the Red Sea using a scuba or a snorkel. On the other hand, for the less adventurous people there is always Eilat’s exciting Underwater Observatory and amazing beaches. It is easy to get there as Eilat has its own airport.

4. Visit the Western Wall and the Old City in Jerusalem

You should not miss to visit the Old City of Jerusalem which is home to places of important religious significance, including the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western (Wailing) Wall. You can simply spend a whole day here; visit the place of Jesus’ crucifixion, pray between the cracks of the great stones that form the Western Wall and walk through the stalls in the beautiful narrow streets of the amazing Old City bazaar.

5. Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea of Tel Aviv

The lovely sandy beach of Tel Aviv in the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal site to catch and enjoy a sunset. Accompanied by a wine, beer or whatever you prefer, you should remove your shoes and use your toes to feel the sand between them as the Mediterranean Sea laps smoothly at the shore some meters away. There are also beach-side cafes which add up to your awesome vacation by serving delicious food and drinks.

6. Explore the grottoes of Rosh HaNikra

The Rosh HaNikra grottoes are situated in the Mediterranean coast in the Western Galilee, the artificial tunnels and the natural caves are a breathtaking sight. The waves create a light-and-sound of shadow and water as they rush in and out of the grottoes. Although the ride down the Rosh HaNikra white cliffs is short, the scenes are unforgettable.

Note that Israel is extremely safe regardless of what one hears in the news which makes it an ideal tourist destination.

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