Five Fun Activities for Couples in Costa Rica

Escaping to Costa Rica is a great way for couples to rekindle and strengthen their relationships. Costa Rica travel & vacations with, full with many activities for couples of all kinds, could be the ideal. Having a vacation with your loved one and including some, if not all of the activities on this list and like white river rafting in Costa Rica, is bound to improve your relationship and make you a stronger couple. This article will reveal the five best activities for couples in Costa Rica.

1. Rappel Waterfalls

Like we highlighted great adventure activities in Australia, also Costa Rica has a plethora of rich choices. Although this activity is for the more adrenaline junkie couples that come to get away, Costa Rica is known for their beautiful landscape and massive amounts of waterfalls and what more exciting way could there be than to descend down the face of a water fall holding hands with your loved one. With the addition of fear and sights of Costa Rica’s beauty, rappelling down waterfalls was an obvious choice when creating a list of activities for couples.

2. Horseback Riding

If, as a couple, you aren’t as much of an adrenaline junkie and wouldn’t be able to see yourself descending down any waterfalls, but would still like to keep healthy on vacation, horseback riding will be the activity for you. Costa Rica is home to many horseback riding trails for you and your loved one to venture out on. You can either get a guided tour or go off on your own. This is one of the more romantic activities for couples, as I’m sure everyone can picture a nice quiet ride with their partner into the sunset through the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica.

3. Hikes Through Monteverde Cloud Forest

Like other top romantic places for couples, a romantic walk in the woods is the next item on the list of activities for couples. Maybe you’re more of the outdoors type of couple who would much rather see a different side of the world than you are used to. Either with a tour guide or alone, couples can venture out in the woods and take a nice romantic hike, seeing all of the nature and wildlife that Cloud Forest has to offer. These hikes will allow you as a couple to grow and take in some of the beautiful, more nature-like sights Costa Rica has to offer.

4. Diving in Papagayo Peninsula

Another addition to the activities for couples is to go diving off of the Papagayo Peninsula. Here couples will not be as romantic as the other options, but will be able to share some time discovering what can be seen under Costa Rican waters. What better way to spend a day than experiencing exotic fish with the one you love.

5. Sunset Watch on the Beach

More of a cliche, the final installment of the activities for couples is a nice sunset watch. Costa Rica is an island and any beach will be suitable. Laying back, talking and watching the sun set over the beautiful Costa Rican waters is a must for couples.

If you use this list of activities for couples, there wont be any better way to spend your time in Costa Rica as you enjoy the country with your loved one.

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