Four Places you Must Visit During Your Trip to Cornwall

The county of Cornwall is a quaint little place perfect for a calm and quiet getaway full of beautiful landscapes. Located on the southwestern tip of England, Cornwall offers some incredible vistas of its sandy beaches, rugged landscapes and wild moorland. At the south coast, you will get to explore the picturesque harbour villages and at the northern end, awe-striking towering cliffs and luxurious seaside resorts await your arrival. The surreal rainforests, the jaw-dropping cliffs, the relaxing beaches, everything about Cornwall makes it a perfect place for a relaxing seaside vacation. There are simply a ton of places in this beautiful county waiting for you to explore them. So if you want to head to Cornwall for your holiday, here are the top four places which you must visit during your vacation.

St Michael’s Mount

Located in Mount’s Bay, St Michael’s Mount is a small, beautiful tidal island. Isolated from the mainland, the island can be accessed on foot by a man-made causeway during the lower tide. This beautiful place used to serve as a monastery during the medieval ages. Now the remains of the structures have been restored to their former glory. You can get a taste of the ways people used to live on the Mount in the 17th century when you visit here. Visit the gorgeous chapel located at the Mount to enjoy the beautiful view of the stained glass. You can also choose to spend some relaxing times in the surrounding gardens while you are here.

St. Ives

The town of St. Ives is just the perfect little town for you if you are someone who wants to experience the charm and the easy-going vibe of a classic British seaside town. You will find a lot of traditional tearooms, where you can enjoy some delicious Cornish cream tea. Visit Porthminster Beach if you just want to spend a relaxing day by sitting in a classically striped deck chair. St. Ives truly gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of a quintessential coastal town of Britain.

The Eden Project

So far, Cornwall seems to treasure the classical ways of living and traditional styles. Well, a trip to The Eden Project will surely change that idea about Cornwall. In fact, it is one of the most surreal experience you can have in this otherwise typical English county. Located in St Austell, The Eden Project looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie set more than it belongs in Cornwall. It is the largest covered rainforest in the whole world. Covered in beautiful domes, these rainforests will surely blow you away with their breathtaking beauty, both from the inside and outside.


The small fishing village named Polperro is located on the southeastern coast of Cornwall. It is truly one of the most picturesque places which you will visit during your trip to the county of Cornwall. This unspoilt fishing village will surely remind you of some artist’s artwork. The small cottages, clinging to the steep and magnificent hillsides, give way to some breathtaking views of the land and the sea. There are also a number of art galleries which you can explore during your visit.

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