Smart Ways of packing for your Kids Camping Trip

Children really get excited at the thought of going camping, ending up forgetting quite a few things while packing. Here, we help children and their parents prepare a checklist that ensures that all essential things go into the rucksack and they end up having a great trip ahead. In all probability, you child is big enough pack on his/her own-if not, you can check once they have packed in everything they feel is important and then add the rest -this ensures a smooth trip ahead!


Packing weather-appropriate clothing is one of the most important things to keep in mind. With temperatures dropping drastically at night in most places, it is essential to include jackets, inners and warm clothes for those fun-filled hours under the star-lit skies. Sleeping outdoors in a tent, away from the comforts of a nursery can make a going a bit tough for your kids; so, it’s a good idea to pack snuggly night clothes, sweatpants and sweatshirts for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Open toed shoes and flip flops are best avoided-ask them to stick to thick socks and closed sports shoes to keep insect bites, thorns and other dangers of the rough at bay. If the children are planning on going hiking, remember to pack in their hiking boots. Day clothes are dependent on the weather conditions prevailing at the camping destination. If there is a small lake, river or water body in the vicinity, then be sure that your kids pack in their large towels and a bathing suit (or two) too!


The bedding lugged along on camping trip is also reflective of the weather. If you are planning a family camping trip into very cold weather, then your children should ideally carry a sleeping bag which is designed for lower temperatures. Children tend to feel colder than adults while sleeping outdoors, it is important to keep them warm while they are dozing away. You may like to put in an extra blanket or sleeping bag, just in case the first one gets wet or dirty.


Even though your kids are choosing to “rough it” on their camping trip, they will still be requiring enough toiletries to practice good hygiene and alleviate the concerns of getting sick (or smelly). Along with the ‘must pack’ toothpaste and toothbrush, a water-free sanitizer is also important -as it helps in keeping germs off their hands. Two-in-one shampoo + conditioner for those intermittent and quick showers at the beginning of the day will keep them looking good and peppy in their excited pictures.

Toys and Activities

Remember, simply tossing away your kids into the wilderness and expecting them to be just fine may backfire-as without their video game console, TV and cell phones in hand, they may feel completely lost and bored. Pack in balls, playing cards or other interesting outdoor games to keep them busy after long day-treks and other activities-especially in the evenings!

All the best to your kids for an exciting and adventurous camping vacation ahead!

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