Top Reasons to Visit the Paradise of St Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the most stunning islands on the Caribbean where you can experience a true natural paradise. Your stay on this beautiful paradise is even made special when you spend your time in some of the best resorts and hotels such as East Winds. Besides the spectacular beaches found on this Caribbean island, there are many more thing to do and see on this popular destination. But what are the top reasons why you should plan a trip to St Lucia?

Stunning Scenery

One of the main reasons why you should visit this island is due to it stunning scenery. Besides the beaches, the island also host a number of attractions that together makes it one of the beautiful places to visit. These attractions include the Pitons which is a UNESCO world heritage site. This popular attraction site is easily accessible both by private as well as public transport means. For those who feel energetic, you can hike your way to the top of the Pitons. The Pigeon Island national park offers great opportunities for Exploring as well as hiking. the park is also considered a national landmark as it is the home to Fort Rodney, a historic attraction.

Fun Activities

When you stay in a well located place on the island, you can have plenty of fun activities to choose from. Besides sun bathing on the countless beautiful beaches, you can also consider trekking or even diving. There are various diving sites on the island such as Anse La Raye, a drift dive, a wreck dive, Waiwinette Freighter, a reef dive and Anse Chastanet. Trekking is also popular with tourists who come to explore the incredible landscapes. Between the months of May and November, you can arrange to visit the island to on a whale watching tour. You will get to see the humpback whales.

Historic Towns

There are many iconic and historic locations situated on the island where you can visit. The most popular place is Castries where you get a chance to see several famous attractions such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Fort Charlotte, beaches such as Choc beach and Vigie beach and even the city library. Another popular place with tourists is Gros Islet as well as the oldest capital of the island, Soufriere.

One of the most astounding natural attractions in St Lucia is the Soufriere Volcano. This volcano has been name as the only drive through volcano in the world. You can have a personal experience of the volcanic activities as you drive right up into it. You get a chance to see the steam vents and even boiling mud. The attraction is also popular for its therapeutic waters where visitors come to take a dip.

St Lucia is an ideal place for a holiday while staying in one of those luxurious hotels on the island. These are just a few of the many more reasons as well as attractions that make the island the dream destination to most travelers. St Lucia has plenty of things to discover.

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