The small island of New Zealand has a population of over four million people. This island found in the Pacific Ocean is particularly famous for various things such as its indigenous Maori culture, picturesque landscape as well as the national team, the All Blacks. There are many interesting things that you can do while in New Zealand such as:

Explore Middle Earth

Today, this country is planted on the Hollywood map having been the location where the Lord of the Rings was filmed. The movie was filmed in almost all areas of the country and it would not be a difficult task to get a patch of the middle Earth. There are beautiful sceneries that tourists flock in every year to see at the Middle Earth. These tourists are mainly those interested in the film industry.

Visit Auckland

This may not be the countries capital but it is certainly the largest as the most diverse city both in the country as well as internationally. The city is also referred to as the city of sails having been built on a volcanic landscape and surrounded by the Waitemata and Manukau harbors. This is the perfect destinations for boating enthusiasts. The city also hosts international music concerts, great entertainment, art galleries and even retail therapy. You can also visit the tallest free standing structure in the entire southern hemisphere. Other things of interest around the city include mountain biking trails, beautiful beaches, coastal walks and native bushes.New Zealand tourism

Watch a Rugby Game

Rugby is the country’s national sport and the people in the country are very passionate about the sport. There are numerous rugby stadiums around the country where you can attend one of their matches first hand. You can also catch a game of the New Zealand’s rugby national team, the All Blacks who are famous for their traditional Maori war dance that they perform before the start of all their international matches. The dance is called the Haka.

Go to the Slopes, Beaches and the Lakes.

Most of the major cities in New Zealand are located along the coast line while the others are only a short drive away from the coast. Located in the North Island is Hamilton city that has some of the best spots to visit. The most popular is Raglan where you can get the best surfing experience. A well-liked east coast beach is the Mount Manganui where there are many music and sporting events. Those interested in bungy jumping, sky diving and jet boating can visit Taupo. Other areas of interest include the Turoa and Whakapapa ski fields.

Visit Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand which is known to have been built on an innovative spirit. This is evident in some architecturally unique building in the city such as the Beehive. A great spot in the city is the Te Papa which is the country’s national museum that showcases travelling and permanent exhibitions. Other popular spots in the city are the Maori cloaks, the traditional marae and the colossal squid.New Zealand tourism

These are some of the things that you can do to enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Ensure that research more of these things so as to get the ones that perfectly fit your interests.

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