Top Tips for First Time Backpackers

Backpacking has become one of those daring travels you do when the normal traveling becomes a bit mundane. Yeah, how can travel become mundane? There are lots of countries to visit and people to meet that is far from boring. But you see, it all boils down to how you experience these places and the people’s culture. And backpacking allows for a more immersive experience, would you not agree. Perhaps you can go to New Zealand for instance, get one of those car rental in Auckland airport, and then travel to countless mining towns, gorges, and vineyards. Stay in one place overnight and then off you go driving to Lake Wakatipu, see the Bridge to Nowhere, and whatnot.Essential Backpacking Tips

Backpacking has become a travel experience that brings you a perspective that is more than just that of a tourist. You can learn, live like a local, and find out new things about the world and its people. Cheesy, right? But you know, it is not such a bad idea.

So if you are planning a backpacking trip, take it easy and read through this tips on your first backpacking journey.

Create a budget for the trip

Even if you are sure that you are not going to spend much during the trip, it does not necessarily mean that you would not have to shell out a significant amount. It would be wise to set up a fund for this trip, save up for more than what you will need so that emergencies are covered.

Moreover, continue budgeting throughout the trip. Research the usual price of food and lodging in the country you will go to and account for all of that. Find out about cheap B&B’s, hostels, and such. But remember not to bring a hefty amount, as well; you do not want to attract danger in a place you are not familiar with.Essential Backpacking Tips

Research the best and safest way to travel

All travels must research the safest way to their destination. If you can manage to drive yourself to where you are going to, assuming that you have studied the map well, then do it because you’ll be safer and convenient that way. But if you cannot do this, it is quite understandable. Take the bus or the train; some countries have preferences when it comes to transportation, and you might want to listen to them on this account. Cabs are always pricey anywhere in the world, so if you can avoid it, do so. You can actually save more money by taking car rental from the Auckland airport!

Bring appropriate clothes

One of the first things you will need to do is to find out the season in the country you are going to. If you are going there during their hot season, bring light clothes; rainy weather means a hoodie or a raincoat.

Choose to eat local

How else are you going to experience culture if you do not try to live like a local. Of course, accommodation wise it may not be possible; except if you are couch surfing or staying with a friend. But eating local is the closest you can get to living like one. Try not to eat at restaurants that much and consider the local cuisine. They are more affordable, too!

These are the essentials of backpacking; all the other lessons are learnt through experience. So keep an open mind during your trip and enjoy your first backpacking trip.

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