Why you Should Book a Skiing Chalet

From the Alps of Europe to Aspen in North America, whether you’re going skiing as a group, or as a pair, staying in a chalet is the way to go. Sure, there are a lot of options out there for where to bunk down when you’re not smashing the pistes. There’s a plethora of options to choose from, from chain hotels to BnBs, online booking accommodation to cheap and cheerful hostels, or just building your own igloo. However, nothing quite beats buying into the whole lifestyle of skiing during your holiday and getting yourself booked into a proper skiing chalet. This way, you’ll be close enough to the slopes to smell the fresh powder on the breeze each morning, allowing you to ski-in and ski-out right from your door. Skiing isn’t just a holiday past time. On and off the slopes, it’s a way of life.

Mountain chalets can be expensive and a slippery slope if you want to go down the path of exquisitely prepared dining by your own private chef and champagne on tap (figuratively speaking). But luxury ski accommodation is just one option available, ski chalets don’t have to break the bank and you can find one to suit you and your group’s expectations pretty easily. From large and lively catered chalets with up to a couple of dozen guests to cosier cabins that sleep only two, there’s just so much choice out there. As a full paying group you’ll be able to find discounts so it’s like one in ten of you are going for free. In addition, choosing whether to go self-catering or not may not be as simple as it seems. Sure, making your own sandwiches might save you a few euros over the course of a week but the hassle of going to the supermarket and cooking for yourself all the time, just might not be worth it.

Also, there’s a size and price to match everyone’s needs and expectations. If you’re a family looking for a few rooms and your own private space for the generations to enjoy together, there’s a chalet for you. If you’re a group of twenty-somethings celebrating your graduation and don’t want to annoy other guests after après, be free to leave beer cans on the side and party in the living room till the soon comes up, there’s that. And if you’re a couple looking to meet other like-minded skiers and socialise during mealtimes and relax in the hot tub in larger skiing accommodation, more personal than a hotel, there’s something for you on the ski resort as well. On this point, some chalet staff live in while others have separate quarters. This can let you have the best of both worlds too. If you’re looking for a cosy week getting to know everyone with service quickly on hand, the first option is for you. But if you just want a personal touch from the young seasonal staff and tips where the best snow will fall before you’re left alone, go for the latter. For families, many chalets also have play rooms and entertainment for the kids as well as staff to look after them. This leaves you free to put in some hours out on the slopes before enjoying some playtime together.

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